Ounaskoski Camping Rovaniemi

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Visit Rovaniemi - (Page of the Tourist Information Rovaniemi)

City Rovaniemi - (Page of the City Rovaniemi)

Arktikum - (Museum about living in the North)

Rovaniemi Webcam Rovakatu - (City of Rovaniemi - View on Rovakatu)

Rovaniemi Webcam Library - (City of Rovaniemi - View on Library)

Rovaniemi Webcam Kemijoki - (View over the river Kemijoki)

Rovaniemi Webcam Lordin Aukio - (View over Lordin Square)

Rovaniemi Webcam Ounasvaara - (View over skiing centre Ounasvaara)

Santa Claus Village - (Office and workshop of Santa Claus)

Tiehallinto - (a.o. Roadcameras)

Finavia - (Airport of Rovaniemi - the official Airport of Santa Claus)

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